Fridays Are ALWAYS Good Days.

Anyone else out there feel like this week has just flown by? I can’t believe it’s Friday already. I mean, I should have known it was coming, right? I was very pleased to find the my stove top oven is back to working. I don’t know what I’d do without my morning, protein packed omelet. I still have A BUNCH of Kale I’m going through so today’s omelet included Kale, Tuna, Vidalia Onions, Roma Tomatoes, Basil and Crushed Red Pepper.

I prepped my ingredients last night and simply tossed them in the pan this morning.

This omelet turned out fantastic. I also had a large mug of French Vanilla Coffee, no added sweetener or cream. Just plain and just the way I like it.

I absolutely love my Fiestaware!

Speaking of Fridays…some of my colleagues were chatting yesterday morning over a cup of joe, expressing their excitement for this upcoming weekend. Nothing special going on, just the typical office conversation that sounded something like this…”It’s Thursday…at least that means tomorrow’s Friday.” Another person interjected “I know, don’t you just love Fridays? Can’t wait for the weekend.”

Have you noticed that this is the same conversation we have every single week? Excitement and anticipation for Fridays remains a constant. It’s almost as if Fridays are holidays and we get 52 Fridays a year. I mentioned how strange it was that we get tired of our birthdays, one day a year, but we never tire of Fridays. And we always dread Mondays. (By “we” I mean society. As I mentioned earlier this week, I actually love Mondays.)

Why does our society live for weekends? It’s because we stress throughout the week about our jobs, about our limited time, about things beyond our control. We jam so many things into 5 days and forget to include time for ourselves. The weekend serves as brief time to drain our mind of all the things that bog us down. Is living for the weekend healthy? What do you think? I had a conversation with someone the other day regarding Monday’s blog post about how I view the weekend as a way to reflect on one week and prepare for the next. I was reminded that we can’t stress our way through the week. We need to take moments every day to rest, reflect, ponder and prepare. But where do you find the time? If it’s a priority to you, you’ll always make the time.

I’ve found time to relax, de-stress and refresh by getting up early in the mornings. I eat a balanced breakfast and to things I enjoy, like blogging. I also find time during my office lunch hour. My office lunch hour is reserved for a workout that I choose to do because it makes me feel great. I control what happens during these designated times and I can block stress out of this reserved time. I challenge you to find time for you each and every day, not just weekends.

Wouldn't it be nice to rest and relax here this weekend?

On to other thoughts…

Last night I applied to be a FitFluential Ambassador. I’m at a point my life where I really want to dive into what I’m passionate about which is overall healthy living. Food and fitness topics are of strong interest and influence in our society today. These topics have created a community (like FitFluential) to band together to transform and to positively influence our society to make health a priority.

But, change takes time. With each blog post, each tweet, each review of health and fitness brands, we as bloggers are seeing that change take place. There’s a fitness revolution happening right now in our society.  And I am eager and excited to be part of that influence. Wish me luck!

Well, I’m off to a meeting taking place on the beautiful grounds of Lexington’s finest thoroughbred race course Keeneland.

Wishing you the best. Katie


Do you find yourself living for the weekends? Do you reserve time out of your every day life to relax, de-stress and renew? What are you looking forward to most about this weekend?

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