Happy Mother’s Day & I’m An Ambassador!

This girl has some VERY exciting news that I can’t wait to share, but I first have to wish a VERY Happy Mother’s Day my amazing Mom. I’m blessed to be able to spend this day with Mom and Dad.

Mother’s Day Weekend, 2012

Before I recap the details of my lovely time spent with Mom yesterday, I have some VERY exciting news to share. I’ve been selected as a FitFluential Ambassador! I am beyond excited to be accepted into the Ambassador program and my deepest wish is that I can use this opportunity as a way to continue promoting healthy living. Fitness and overall health is a big passion of mine and this opportunity is a step for me to join other influencers and ambassadors promote health and make it a social priority. I hope that I can inspire others just as FitFluential Ambassadors have inspired me to make healthier choices in my own life.

I took Mom to Capitol Roasters, a coffee shop she and I have never visited before. While I’ll be honest and say that it wasn’t the world’s best cup of coffee, the atmosphere was very enjoyable. It’s a fairly open yet inviting coffee shop, without much people traffic at the time of day we went. This made our time truly special so we could share what was on our hearts and minds openly. I’d recommend the place and visit again simply for the quietness of the place. Sometimes, a coffee date isn’t about the coffee…it’s about sharing life together. And the price wasn’t bad at all! Everything in the photo below was under $6.

Apple Cinnamon and Sunrise Explosion muffins. Chocolate Almond coffee, sprinkled with Cinnamon.

We both decided on a cup of Chocolate Almond coffee and shared freshly baked good. I had a coupon for a buy one, get one free muffin. Mom had the Sunrise Explosion – a carrot cake, raisin and spice muffin- and I enjoyed half of an Apple Cinnamon muffin. (I knew Dad would enjoy the other half, so I brought it home for him to enjoy.) We found a spot on a comfortable couch and caught up on life. I loved our coffee and conversation. There’s something special that happens every time we share a coffee date and happy tears are always gauranteed. I took along her Mother’s Day gifts to let her open. My brother and I decided to give her gifts the complemented her love of hospitality. We gave her several things to set a spring themed table and an adorable hostess apron. I was excited to give this to her and I hope she will enjoy it whenever she hosts company.

Isn’t she lovely? She’s the hostess with the mostess.

She and I then went to the mall. Mom won a contest for sharing a funny story about her mother on the mall’s website and she was selected as the winner of a gift card! We had a mini shopping spree and we decided to use the gift card to find matching charms for our Pandora bracelet that would honor the memory of Nana. We decided on a charm called “forget-me-not” and it was classy, just like I have always imagined Nana.

Because we had a healthy and filling breakfast, plus a baked treat from Capitol Roasters, we weren’t hungry for a formal lunch. We came home and had snacks in the afternoon. While mom made some blankets for her ministry at church, we watched Driving Miss Daisy. During the movie, I prepped the marinade for Salsa Lime Tofu and cut up a Strawberry Papaya. Here’s how the table looked:

Salsa Lime Tofu, mixed steamed veggies, crescent rolls, and strawberry papaya

Dinner turned out fantastic, and I remembered to bake the tofu a little longer this time. I doubled the recipe to have enough for the family and plus enough for me to take back to Lexington as left overs to be used for lunches at work. This was Mom and Dad’s first introduction to Tofu, so I hoped they enjoyed it. And they did! Mom, being the main cook in the family, especially enjoyed it and is considering all of the possibile recipes she can create with Tofu. Win!

Mom, Dad & Tofu

What an amazing day! I can’t believe how wonderful yesterday was…great time with my parents and great news from FitFluential! I wonder what today holds…

And by the way, I updated my Recipe page to make it easier for you to find recipes by category. Simply rest your cursor over “Recipes” and a drop down box of categories will appear. Right now, you can search for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Smoothie recipes.

Well, I’m off to church with my family. I’m looking forward to seeing familar faces from my church family, especially on a special Sunday like Mother’s Day.

Wishing you all the very best Mother’s Day. katie

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?
Are you a FitFluential Ambassador? Any advice for a newbie? (If you haven’t heard of FitFluential, get to know them. Find out more by going to www.fitfluential.com. You’ll be able to find links to many fitness and health influencers!) 

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Home & Happy.

I’m back home! Isn’t it funny how even though you grow up and move to your own little place in the world, perhaps in a different city or state, “home” is always where you grew up? I have been looking forward to being home for this special Mother’s Day weekend for several weeks now. As I mentioned on Wednesday, my parents are really amazing people. Though my parents will always be “Mom” and “Dad”, I’m realizing I’m at a point in my life where I begin to view both of them as great friends, too.

The drive wasn’t bad at all. It’s about 2.5 to 3 hours to get back to home. Since I was driving during my afternoon snack time, I enjoyed a delicious Apple Pie Larabar. These things are really delicious. I appreciate and support a company who uses whole, natural ingredients in their products. I can have a safe, delicious, nutritious and unprocessed snack that’s convenient to eat on the run. This is how Larabar describes this bar on their website: “Just like Grandma’s and under 200 calories, this Apple Pie provides 1 full serving of fruit and 5 grams of fiber. Not too sweet, and spiced with cinnamon and raisins, Apple Pie also has almonds, walnuts and natural chewy goodness.” So good.

Please note, my car was parked when I took this shot.

Before heading home yesterday afternoon, I managed to get a great workout in during my office lunch hour, focusing on my legs. My Sumo Squats improved by increasing my free weights from 12.5lbs to 15lbs. I’ve played with this weight a bit before by trying one set of sumo squats with 12.5lbs, the middle set with 15lbs, and then finishing with 12.5 again. But this time, I did 15lbs for each set. I’ll take and celebrate this little victory! I also finally increased my hammer curl to press weight from 10lbs. to 12.5lbs for each set. While it’s not much, it’s definitely improvement and I like to see my fitness goals improving!

When I arrived home, we decided to go out to dinner to a little Chinese buffet just outside of town. I was able to stay on the healthy side of things with a plate full of shrimp (which needed peeling, so it slowed my eating down), salad without dressing, sushi – though it was spicy and I didn’t eat much of it, and honeydew melon. I also had a small serving a vanilla soft serve ice cream. After dinner, Dad dropped Mom and I off at the grocery to shop for my healthy grocery list. We bought the ingredients to make Salsa Lime Tofu and we’ll be making that tonight for dinner. I’ll be curious to know if my Dad will enjoy it…at least he’s willing to give it a try!

Because I’m not sure when I’d be able to exercise today, I got up around 5:30AM to go on a walk around town. Mom joined me and it felt great starting my day off by making fitness a priority. The best part of the walk, of course, was the company. Walking with Mom allowed the time to pass quickly and made the walk more enjoyable. Want to see a funny thing about this morning’s walk? I didn’t pack clothes suitable for the chilly morning, so I had to borrow some sweats that didn’t quite fit…

Anyway, I’m taking my Mom out later this morning to a coffee spot just outside of town that will be new for both of us to try. I thought we’d celebrate Mother’s Day one day early. We have the best time sharing about life over a cup of coffee and a scone. Many good tears have been part of our coffee dates. I’m looking forward to trying a new place, but most of all, I’m looking forward to spending this treasured time with Mom. I’ll report back with a review on the coffee shop later.

But first, I’m about to head to the kitchen and whip up a healthy omelet for Dad and me to enjoy for breakfast.

I hope you have a great Saturday ahead of you! Wishing you the best. katie

What’s one of your favorite on-the-road snacks?
How are you celebrating Mother’s Day weekend? 

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