Workouts Reviewed and SlimKicker {Giveaway}

There’s a giveaway involved in today’s post, so keep reading…but first, let me recap yesterday’s workouts. Monday, my first day on my new workout schedule, was a major success! I designed my strength session to be a total body workout with extra emphasis on the upper body. Simply knowing that I wanted to push my upper body made me concentrate on that muscle group more with each exercise. Just like yoga where the instructor emphasizes the importance of feeling every vertebrae, I focused on every muscle being used.

I also went to Zumba after work. Now that I view Zumba as a fun activity and not a workout for me personally, I let loose, had a blast, and actually seemed to have more energy to dance. I focused on twisting and turning, engaging my core, and putting more of myself into each move rather than just go through the motions.

You know I like apps and tools that help you live a healthy, balanced life. In previous posts, I’ve mentioned several tools I use daily to help hold me accountable toward achieving my overall health goals. Have you heard of SlimKicker? It’s a great online tool and iPhone app that helps motivate you to get fit by turning your diet and fitness goals into a level-up game. You earn points by participating in healthy eating and fitness challenges.

Examples of SlimKicker challenges include: quitting soda for a week, giving up processed meats for two weeks and committing to 100 planks over the course of a week. Some challenges give you the opportunity to win giveaways if, of course, you successfully complete them. Participate in one or several. Enjoy the many challenges offered to help you stay health-focused for life! SlimKicker also features useful tools such as a calorie counter, a fitness tracker, and a community with other similar-minded people.

One feature I particularly like about SlimKicker is the collection of recipes SlimKicker has online, each arranged by particular diet plans you may follow. Some of these diet plans include the 17 Day Diet, P90X diet plan, or the Dukan Diet…and to make some of those healthy recipes, you may need a slow cooker, right? How would you like to win this slow cooker? You can!

7-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel  *Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is open to US residents only.* 

GIVEAWAY: The great people of SlimKicker want to give you, my dear reader, a chance to score this fantastic 7-Quart Oval Manual, Stainless Steel Slow Cooker. You can make some easy-to-prepare, easy-to-cook recipes (like my Mexican Salsa Chicken) in this slow cooker. Interested in winning? It’s easy. Here’s how enter this giveaway:

Mandatory: Leave a comment on a creative diet and/or fitness challenge idea that you would want to participate in, like quitting soda for a week or doing 100 plank week challenge, running 1 mile a day for 10 days, etc. The key is to be creative on the challenge! What type of fun SlimKicker challenge would you want to participate in? (Please note that this is mandatory in order to be entered into the giveaway!)

Optional: After you leave the above comment, follow me on twitter. Let your friends know about SlimKicker and this giveaway by tweeting:
“I just entered to win a 7-Quart Stainless Steel Slow Cooker in the @wishandwhimsy @SlimKicker Giveaway”

I will be collecting entries until 11:59pm on Monday, May 28, 2012 and the winner will be announced shortly after. The SlimKicker team will pick their favorite challenge idea submitted by you, use it on their site, and give the winner the slow cooker. *Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is open to US residents only. 

Interested in joining SlimKicker? You can visit their website, or download their iPhone app. Wishing you all the best and the best of luck on this awesome giveaway. katie

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23 thoughts on “Workouts Reviewed and SlimKicker {Giveaway}

  1. I think it would be neat if for 10 weeks you would try 1 new fitness class per week. This way you can explore what your area has to offer and possibly find out something you truly enjoy. Also I think getting out of your comfort zone would be so good for people too.

    • Pam, that’s an awesome idea. I think I may have to incorporate that challenge myself. What an awesome way to get to know the city you live in and what it has to offer. Very great idea! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you the best.

  2. Along with becoming more active by incorporating at the very least a daily walk, I will be trying out new and healthier recipes. Less meat more tofu.

  3. I’m going to start with 25 push ups a day and add one each day until I get to a hundred or more!

    And maybe cut back on the ice cream intake!

  4. My 1 week challenge would be to not eat anything after 730 PM no matter what. I will make sure I am pre planning my meals and snacks and making them healthy and less prosessed. I will also not drink any carbonated beverage. If I add that into my workout routines I should just add on to become healthier and happier.

  5. I work on the third floor of a building. The third floor is tricky, it’s high enough to take the elevator, but low enough to take the stairs, if you put in the effort. My challenge would be “Avoid taking any elevators, escalators or ramps on anything LESS than 4 flights/stories.” This could be for a week, a month, FOREVER…. But that would be a great (and free) challenge for everyong to particpate in.

    Followed and tweeting out the contest now. Thanks and good luck everyone.

  6. My challenge to myself would be to stay under my calorie allowance every single day, and to avoid all fast foods. Also to at least walk one mile each day, preferably more and preferably run them.

  7. I think my challenge would be to make one new healthy recipe a day. Nothing too complicated, just something new that would spice up week.

  8. My one week challenge would be to run every day…some distance, any distance, even a mile. One of the things I struggle with sometimes is motivation, so forcing a challenge on myself would help with that. 🙂

  9. A healthy challenge would be to always ask yourself “do i really need to eat this?” every time you want to eat some junk food. Just stop and listen to your body instead of mindlessly eating.

  10. I kind want to work on having a good stretch session every day for a certain length of time. I don’t dance as much over the summer so I don’t want to lose my flexibility!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to participate in something fun and with my kids. I can’t get away from my 3 year old very often, because he is so active still, I have to constantly watch him. It would be fun to come up with a plan where I could include him in my workout somehow!

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