Breakfast With Bub & Blog News.

I had a great time with my brother yesterday for breakfast. (I call him “Bub”.) Bub is such an incredible person and I’m really blessed to have him not only as my family, but also as one of my best friends. He bends over backwards to help anyone and everyone in need. I look up to him and wish I could be more like him.

For breakfast, I made him an omelet, customized how I thought he would enjoy it. I also threw in a tiny bit of kale to see how he’d react. Here’s what he had, with a side of bacon:

HIS: 4 egg omelet with onions, basil, tomato, kale, crushed pepper and cheese topped with medium salsa. Side of bacon.

I enjoyed my own custom omelet, that turned into more of a “scramble”. It included 3 egg whites, onions, basil, tomatoes and LOTS of kale. I topped it with a tiny amount of spicy brown mustard for a bit of a kick. Instead of bacon, my side of choice was plain greek yogurt with blueberries. Delicious! Here’s how mine looked, without the yogurt:


After breakfast, Jordan was so kind to help me out with some blog ventures I’m toying with. Just to let all of my subscribers know, I soon will be on a self hosted site which will provide me a greater platform to talk about health, fitness, food, love and all things life. I’m excited about this opportunity coming up and will let you know when it goes live. For now though, I’m still plugging away on this fabulous site.

I’ll be heading to church in just a little while and then to the grocery store. I’ve spent some time meal planning and gathering my coupons to save a little money this week. As always, I’ll report back tomorrow about my mindful shopping trip at the grocery and let you know just how much I spend. Here’s hoping for a third week under budget!

Wishing you the best. katie

Do you have a family member you are particularly close with? A sibling or a cousin? Tell me about that special relationship.
What’s on your agenda today? 


6 thoughts on “Breakfast With Bub & Blog News.

  1. The omelet and scramble look awesome. Never tried kale in my scramble… but makes another good use for it (currently, addicted to kale chips). I am close with my cousin, even though we don’t see each other much. But when we do meet up, it always lends for an awesome time.

    • I’ve really grown to love Kale. I, too, love Kale chips. Do you make your own? I bake mine and top them with nutritional yeast. No oil or salt needed! Wishing you the best.

  2. So nice that you have a brother that you’re close to. My sister and I took a while to develop the closeness, I think because I was 8 years older. We are close now, unfortunately she moved to another state a few years ago, which means we don’t see each other very often. We burn up the phone lines, though!

  3. Have been thinking about trying Kale. I went to webmd and seen a great article on the nutritional value of it! I will say I am now excited to give it a try. And prep tips?

    • Kale is fantastic. I actually didn’t like it at first, but now I love it. I pull off the leaves from the stalk, wash it and let them dry pretty well. If I’m using it in an omelet, I’ll usually put the leaves in the skillet for a few seconds first, just to make them wilt…easier for cooking. If I’m making Kale chips, makes sure you let the leaves dry after washing so they aren’t chewy when you pull them out of the oven. Enjoy! 🙂

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