Mindful Grocery Shopping.

You don’t have to be an expert in the health field to have learned or know of the term “mindful eating”- being consciously aware of what you’re consuming and why you’re consuming it. Have you ever applied this principle to grocery shopping? That’s what I did yesterday. I practiced “mindful grocery shopping.”

Because I’m beginning my strict grocery budget, I really took my time examining what I already had in my house available to eat and what ingredients I had on hand that I could create into a meal with just a few purchases. There’s no reason to buy food and forget you have it or not use it. I don’t ever want to be wasteful. I don’t think that’s being financially smart and it’s not being a good steward of the earth. I took stock of what I already had and then created a list of foods I would need to make a complete meal. Yesterday, I planned my meals out for the week, writing it down on a calender, and then went to the grocery to purchase the few things I needed to complete the meals. I looked for coupons for things I was planning to purchase and headed out the door.

This particular weekly trip to the grocery took more planning and preparation than my normal, “glance in the fridge quickly and see what I need” routine. But I ultimately think this extra prep work will allow me to live more healthfully overall. I won’t stress having to know what’s coming up for my next meal; I won’t be spending money on impulse buys; I’ll be focused on purchasing healthy options at the grocery.

While I’ve been grocery shopping on my own for a long time now, I really was mindful of picking out purchases that were both affordable and satisfied my grocery list needs. I took a journal with me and wrote down the price of everything I was putting in my cart and tallied my total as I continued shopping. Again, this made me mindful of my budget I had set for myself. I weighed produce and calculated the cost down to the penny (or as close as I could estimate). I compared serving sizes. I’ve always been told that sometimes you should by the larger container because the price per ounce is cheaper…well friends, I found a deal where the opposite was true. For example….

This Kroger Greek Yogurt, Plain variety contradicted the idea of buying bigger. The 6 ounce containers were priced 5 for $4 (13.3 cents per ounce) and the large 24 ounce container was priced at $3.29 (13.7 cents per ounce). Though the cost difference was very minor, it was a better deal for me to purchase the individual containers. I know this isn’t always the case, but it made me aware that, bog or small, check the price per ounce.  As a side note, this container still has a little bit of yogurt left from my shopping trip last week.

I had a couple of coupons I was able to use on food I was planning on purchasing from my grocery list. While I didn’t save much from outside of store deals (only $1.75), the fact is I did save some money using them. I’m a firm believer that every little bit you save adds up. These savings were found online. I visited Nasoya and found a coupon for $0.75 off of a package of tofu. I also had a coupon for a free”simple truth” protein bar, normally priced at $1.00. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to turn into a crazy coupon lady, and this blog is not going to turn into a coupon website. I just wanted to make a point that you can save money on the things you are planning on buying anyway. You simply have to practice “mindful grocery shopping”.

While this protein bar was not on my grocery shopping list, this freebie will provide a great snack whenever I’m on the run.

So, for the grand total…I told you I’d report to you what I spent at the grocery. As a reminder, my Friday Refine on Food stated a strict budget of $35.oo. My final total was…$24.07.  I don’t expect that my grocery shopping will be this low every week. But by taking stock of what I have in my fridge (left overs, random produce, etc.) I was able to “find meals” that I didn’t know I had when I meal planned yesterday morning. How about that?

Well, I’m off to finish some breakfast and then head to work. I’m hoping for a productive day. I’ll be strength toning at lunch and participating in Zumba after work. Then I’m off to a hair appointment. I’m in for a busy Monday.

Wishing you the best. katie


How do you practice “mindful grocery shopping”?
Do you stick to a budget? 

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2 thoughts on “Mindful Grocery Shopping.

  1. I like your idea of “finding meals” with what you already have and then filling in the gaps! This is not always possible with my spontaneous husband, but I think I may be taking stock of my freezer and pantry to plan over the next couple weeks! Thanks.

    • Carrie, I’m glad you liked the idea. Being a girl on a budget, it really helps me use up what I have and not waste. It also helps me be creative with my meals. Let me know how it goes. Wishing you the best. katie

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