Weight Loss & It’s Thursday Already?

I love busy weeks. Nothing makes me happier than taking a look at my calendar and seeing all the blocks filled in. I love the rush I get when I know there’s so much to do in so little time. This has been one of those entirely filled weeks and I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Today is another busy day. I am having lunch with someone at the office and then I have a couple of meetings in the afternoon. Since I’m unable to get my midday workout in, I’m planning on working out after work.  If fitness is a priority, you always find the time.I was hoping to wake up extra early this morning  to workout, but I didn’t sleep well. With how busy I’ve been these past couple of weeks, I felt this was my body’s way of saying “Get a few more hours of sleep today.” So, I slept in. I’m a firm believer that good sleep is important to  your overall health.  I wish I could workout every morning, but a couple of times a week is what I happily can do for now. Anyway, on to some exciting news to share..but first I want to show you what I’m enjoying for breakfast:

A protein packed, energy filled breakfast to get my day rolling.

Breakfast today included a simple egg white omelet with kale, Roma tomatoes, and Vidalia onions topped with a little spicy brown mustard. I made a side of vanilla greek yogurt with blueberries and a dash of cinnamon on top. A mug of chocolate truffle coffee completes my meal. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a healthy breakfast.

And now back to the exciting news: I’VE ACCOMPLISHED A LONG TIME GOAL! I did my weigh in at the gym yesterday and discovered that I finally have hit my goal weight. I’ve taken a healthy approach to this weight loss. Before I go any further, I want to emphasize that fitness is not a number on the scale, and, while I am pleased with the results, my real joy comes from the new confidence I have in the way I carry myself on a day-to-day basis. I attribute this feeling to several key health areas I’ve been paying attention to: making smarter food choices and recording what I eat, analyzing my nutrition reports, and adding strength toning to my exercise routine.

Surprisingly, I was actually not as elated as I thought I would be when I discovered I’d hit my magic number. I’m more excited about the positive changes I see in my body — muscle tone and definition. But I would be lying if I said that – for me – I’m not happy about this accomplishment. Weight loss should be viewed as one of many health trackers: my most important health tracker is the way I feel about myself after a workout. Another tracker I consider is when someone else takes notice of positive changes, and finally the scale.

I’m officially in maintenance mode, but I’m not worried too much about sticking at this particular number. My weight will fluctuate from week to week. It may also increase with my strength toning and I am okay with that. I just like to keep an overall picture of where my weight is so I can understand the way my body reacts to factors such as certain foods and/or specific exercise routines I’m incorporating in my everyday life. Even though I’m in maintainance mode, I’m not going to slack on workouts or get lazy with logging my food. In fact, I enjoy working out and I find it fascinating to analyze, not obsess over, nutrition reports. The Lose It website is a great resource for providing these nutrition reports and food logs. I want to continue keeping my body in shape. It’s the one and only body we’re given in this life and we are called to take care of it.

On a different note, I read an interesting fact in The Daily Fix, Your Guide to Healthy Habits for Good Nutrition. It’s a book authored by Alexa L. Fishback, MS, RD and put out by Women’sHealth. It’s not a new diet book, trend or even a “must read”. I just happened to pick the book up at a store because it was only a buck. It’s not a complicated read and it’s one you can set down for months and pick it right up. I view it more as a book with good healthy living reminders.

The Daily Fix has a lot of valuable health tips. It’s worth way more than the dollar I spent!

I read a little last night and was fascinated by a little fact about the benefits of working out. Here’s a little inspiring “Did you know?” for you…

A pound of muscle burns 35 to 75 calories per day while a pound of fat burns only 2 calories per day.”
(Chapter 14, Exercise: The Best Fix. Page 165) 

After reading this, I’m convinced that strength toning is one of the best things I’ve added to my focus on healthy living. Just a thought for you to chew on today.

Anyway, I’m off to a busy day at work. As always, I’m wishing you all the best. katie


Do you prefer to workout in the morning, afternoon or evening?
After weight loss, how do you handle “maintenance mode”?
How’s your week going so far?

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