Tofu Take 2, AM Workouts & Table Sitting.

This weekend was just what I needed. After my work event on Saturday morning, I simply relaxed the weekend away. With the exception of grocery shopping and church, I really didn’t leave my apartment. While it’s been a great April, it’s been a very busy month with travel and planning a couple of large events. It’s been nice to relax.

Last night’s dinner was amazing. Since I had some leftover tofu, I decided to mix it up a bit. I cut up piece of the Salsa Lime Tofu into a few slices and put it on a frying pan to heat up and crisp the edges. Meanwhile, I prepped a half of a whole wheat pita pocket with a fried egg, Roma tomato and kale. Then I stuffed it with the tofu “scramble”. On the side, I had some cucumber and roasted red pepper hummus. Friends, this meal was mighty delicious.

Even though this dinner was solo, I sat at my dining room table to enjoy my meal. I realized that it’s a shame I don’t use my table as often because I have a fabulous view from my floor to ceiling windows in my “dining room”. (It’s not technically a dining room, because my apartment is tiny. But it’s a nice sunroom that I’ve designated as my dining room.) Sitting there without the tv on, without distraction other than the nature outside allowed me to slow down and enjoy my meal — the art of mindful eating. After finishing my meal, I realized that I want to incorporate this practice more often. Growing up, our family always made time to sit together at the table. And while I’ve always known I wanted to carry on that tradition if I ever have a family if my own, I think I want to start that tradition now…even if it’s just me.

Since my department is going out for lunch today, I decided to get up extra early and workout. Monday’s are usually my heavier workout days, but since I won’t make it to the gym during my lunch hour, I needed to get my fitness in this morning. I usually have Zumba after work, but I have an appointment this afternoon and won’t be able to make that either. (More on that “appointment” later this week. Stay tuned, Lexington.) If I want to make fitness a priority, I have to find the time. So, it meant me getting up a little earlier than normal. My workout consisted of a total body strength workout.
3 sets of 12 reps of the following:

  • Sumo squats with 10lb. dumbbell
  • Hammer curl to press
  • Dumbbell deadlifts
  • Single-arm, neutral-grip dumbbell row and rotation
  • Dumbbell pullover

Breakfast had to be put together in a flash and thanks to planning ahead last night, I knew exactly what I was going to make this morning. I’m currently chowing down on an egg white omelet with kale, Vidalia onions, Roma tomatoes, crushed red pepper and FRESH SWEET BASIL! My plant that I bought on Earth Day has finally matured enough to pick a few leaves from the plant and place in this omelet. The fresh basil adds so much more flavor than the dried version in my pantry.

Well, I’m off to start another week of work. There are a lot of fun things planned this week and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Wishing you the best. katie


Where do you eat your meals? At the table, in the car, on the floor infront of the T.V.?


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