The Joys Of Apartment Living & Healthy Resources.

This morning’s breakfast is brought to you by Kale. And lots of it.

My egg white omelet is absolutely fantastic this morning. Because it’s Saturday and I’ll need to go to the grocery tomorrow, I’m running out of a few items in my kitchen. This makes me get creative with my cooking and I’m glad I prepped this last night. I made it a little different than my usual omelet recipe using only egg whites, kale (lots of vitamin K today), Vidalia onions, salmon and dried basil. I prepped this last night so the flavors came together nicely. I added about half a servering of Athenos Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. Delicious!

Chocolate truffle coffe and a protein packed breakfast is JUST what I need for my big day ahead!

I love where I live. It’s convenient to everything Lexington has to offer. My complex is generally quiet and safe. Everyone is friendly and cordial toward their neighbor. However, the simple idea of aparment living for anyone, anywhere always results in apartment “joys” (insert sarcasm here). You just never know what’s going to hit you next living in an apartment. I thought I had my share of apartment “woes” behind me. Alas, the list seems to continue on with one thing after the next.

Last night I came home to discover what seemed like a thousand bugs in the windows of my bedroom. YUCK! I quickly grabbed the vacuum to tackle this mess. But my vacuum got caught in the curtains, pulled them down, broke the blinds and created and even bigger mess! I had to throw away my curtains as they had tons of these ugly beasts crawling on them (makes me squeamish just thinking of it!) and they got tangled and ripped with the vacuum disaster. Since the bugs were coming through my window, I knew this was a problem that my maintenance would have to solve. Unfortunately, it was past time for the office staff to be around so I sent an S.O.S email (probably sounding a little too flustered) and requested that they be here this AM. Here’s hoping because I don’t want to sleep in my living room for a second night. My bed is just too comfortable…

Anyway, I thought I’d take a brief second to share with you just a few of the resources I use constantly to stay informed about fitness and overall health:

  • Magazines – Women’s Health, Eating Well
  • Podcasts – Nutrition Diva & Get Fit Guy Quick and Dirty Tips, Jillian Michaels)
  • Twitter – I follow so many inspirational bloggers, fitness leaders, health promotors/ambassadors. Why not follow me on Twitter and take a look at who I follow for some ideas. (@wishandwhimsy)
  • Blogs/Websites (FitFluential, Peanut Butter Fingers, The Lean Green Bean, Dashing Dish, Greatist, Summer Tomato, Fitbie, FitSugar, etc. just to name a few)
  • Pinterest – This is a great place to find fitness and health articles. I find workout inspiration, how-to videos and healthy recipes from a variety of sources. Follow me on Pinterest and you can see my Fitness and Nutrition boards to see what I’m currently learning about or incorporating into my fitness routines.
  • Books – I’m currently reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. I really love his food rules and have incorporated many to my everyday, balanced diet.

In just a few minutes I’m leaving for my BIG work event. I was planning on coming home after the event, but now I’m going to have to go look for some new curtains.

On a different note, I’ve decided to try my hand at a tofu recipe for dinner tonight. This is my first tofu attempt, and I’m coming up with my own recipe. Wish me luck and I’ll report back attempt tomorrow, successful or not.


What resources do you use to stay fitness/health informed?
Have you ever tried or made tofu? If so, any recommendations for my first time?
Just for fun, do you have any recent apartment horror stories?  



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