Refining Goals | Fitness, Food, Love, Finances.

It’s Friday which means it’s bound to be a great day! I hope you have fun plans this weekend. I have to work a large event for my office tomorrow morning, and then I’m going to put my feet up and rest and relax.

Before I get into today’s post about refining personal goals, here’s a look at the energy boosting breakfast I’m thoroughly enjoying this morning:

Egg white scramble with lots of spinach, veggies and tuna. A mug of chocolate truffle coffee.

I’m proud to say I’ve come a long way in the past year. I set out on a journey to discover and learn about health matters, nutrition and fitness. Little did I know that the preliminary research would change my life positively forever. Personal health and  promoting healthy living has become a true passion and joy of mine and I don’t ever see that changing. I love learning more about what I can do to feel better about myself, the way I physically feel and how I look.

As with everything you’re passionate about and pursuing, there comes a time when you need to reevaluate what you’re doing to expand your passion. This especially happens with fitness. So many of us get into a “fitness rut”. At that point, you decide either to quit or you decided to redirect and refine your plan. I’m ready to refine my plan.

When I first started truly pursuing a healthy lifestyle, I didn’t begin with a plan. I simply wanted to research and try new things. I started seeing results so I kept researching, reading and working out harder. These changes only made me want to dig deeper into overall health. I had a few “goals” or “aims”, like go to the gym at least 3 times a week (in the beginning), increase certain reps, try new workouts and cross over into the weight room. These smaller goals were attainable, but not necessarily challenging. For me, this worked. This approach helped me form healthy habits, like using part of my work lunch hour to head to the gym or prepare healthy foods for the week to maintain control of what I am putting into my body.

While these are great habits, I’ve realized that I’m at the point where I’m ready to set higher goals for me. I want to feel the rush of completing a goal that was very challenging for me. That pushed me. That made me a better person. So what does that look like?

Since I am into the idea of living a balanced healthy lifestyle, it’s important to evaluate a few different areas I want to challenge myself and not just focus on fitness. Health is more than working out. So here are a few areas I’m looking to push myself out of my comfort zone: Fitness, Food, Love (all relationships, from family and friends), Finances.

While these ares will require further thought these are some ideas I’m tossing around under each category, though I’m going to pare these down so I can truly focus on achieving these goals and will add more in the future:

  • Fitness: Rather than focus on Total Body strength workouts, designate days of the week to work certain muscle groups. Incorporate running into workouts. I know I’m capable of running, it’s just something I don’t enjoy. This I’m thinking is run a mile for warm ups 3 times a week before lunch workouts.
  • Food: Hit 100g of protein each day, no matter what. Create a new healthy recipe every week. Meal plan for the week, not just the night before.
  • Love: Incorporate a random act of kindness each week. Wednesday’s post made me realize that we receive so much joy when you make another person smile. Big or small.
  • Finances: Stay at or under my grocery budget each week. It may be a tight budget, but I’ve found that if I pay attention to sales and stay on my target, then I have enough food for the week, I don’t waste (as most of my purchases expire in 1-2 weeks), and I don’t make impulse purchases. Another idea is to increase the amount I’m paying on my student loans, which I’m proud to report that I made a large payment this past week.

I plan to focus more on these goals through a Friday series, “Friday Refine”. It’s important to constantly evaluate and measure your progress toward achieving your goals. This is what I’m designating for some upcoming Fridays. I’ll evaluate my progress or be honest about my the lack of. Designating this one day allows me to reflect and focus on making my goals attainable. So, starting today a full week to figure out my challenges and plan ahead. I’ll report back next Friday with the plan.

Wishing you the best. katie


When was the last time you refined your goals? What did you tweak?
What are you currently working toward now?
What fun plans are you looking forward to most about the weekend? 

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4 thoughts on “Refining Goals | Fitness, Food, Love, Finances.

  1. Budgets can be both our best friends and worst enemies, can’t they? I can stay within a few dollars of my budget, but overtime the little things add up. I want to save where I can. Wishing you the best! katie

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