The Cupcake Dilemma.

Disclaimer: This is not a post about making healthy cupcakes. Sorry to disappoint.

Ever have one of those weeks? I’m not by any means implying that I’m having a “bad week”. It’s just one of those work weeks where you can’t catch your breath because you have so much on your plate before you. I have a big event this weekend, but after Saturday morning, I’ll be sitting pretty for awhile. I can see the light…For now though, work is a little stressful. People around me are all a flutter until our event is complete. I’m trying to maintain a healthy balance in the office, having both a positive disposition and an eager attitude.

Today, one of my colleagues saw me in a moment of weakness. He empathized with me, knowing there is a lot going on. Wanting to be helpful and alleviate some of what is weighing down, even if temporarily, he bought me a cupcake. Not just any cupcake. A gorgeous masterpiece of cake from the unmatchable, delicious Caramanda’s in Lexington. Read the description below for this “Chocolate Explosion” cupcake of chocolate goodness:

“Mouthwatering double chocolate chip cake is paired with chocolate buttercream frosting, rimmed in chocolate chips and drizzled with chocolate fudge”

While this is an incredibly sweet (literally) gesture between coworkers, I didn’t *need* the cupcake. I did express my extreme gratitude for the delicious treat. Thoughtful gifts, gestures, encouragements like this don’t happen often enough in the work place. Random acts of kindness, unfortunately, are often dismissed or disregarded. I try to look for ways that I can positively impact the workplace, and I praise those who are affirming, like the gentleman did for me in my office today.

After taking the sweet gift back to my office, I faced a dilemma. I was staring temptation head on for an entire afternoon. Do I eat the cupcake because someone gave it to me? Do I eat the cupcake as a temporary way to relieve stress? Do I eat the chocolate cupcake goodness for a temporary lift? Do I eat it not to waste it? What do I do?

Please do not mistake me, I appreciated very much the cupcake, the thought behind him giving it to me. I took away a feeling of being appreciated and valued as a person because he went the extra mile to make me smile. So, what did I do? I didn’t eat it. I kept it boxed, and any time I thought of it yesterday, I smiled and thought about the act of kindness. I truly didn’t need the cupcake. I hadn’t planned for it in my daily meals or the calories that coincide with it. I had healthier options on the menu.

So, what’d I do with it? I put it in my freezer at home. I’ll enjoy it when I’m ready for it, or a small bite at a time when the chocolate craving actually hits. I’ll have fun looking for away to return the smile, the appreciation and feeling of being valued to my coworkers. Because that’s what was truly filling about the cupcake yesterday. I’ll keep you posted on my random act of kindness.

On the fitness side of things, I’ve got a great mix of strength and cardio today. I plan on completing a 30 minute Total Body free weight circuit with additional leg focused exercises. Then I have Zumba after work.

In case you’re wondering and here’s what I chowed down on while writing this post, a real breakfast winner!

1 Hard-boiled egg white, Banana Bread Quaker Oatmeal topped with cinnamon and 1T of Krema Peanut Butter. I enjoyed this with a mug of chocolate truffle coffee.

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Wishing you the best. katie


What would you have done? Eat the cupcake or not eat the cupcake?

How do you show your coworkers appreciation or let them know you’re there to support them in stressful times?

What are your fitness plans today?

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6 thoughts on “The Cupcake Dilemma.

  1. Ooo, I would have totally eaten it 🙂 I have an insane sugar addiction, and chocolate is at the top of the list! It’s one of my goals to quit this year. I admire your discipline!

    • Thanks, Beck. Don’t get me wrong, it was not easy. But I had to think it through and realize that I can appreciate the thought and enjoy it when that true chocolate craving comes, or when I’ve planned for a sweet treat in my week. Thanks for commenting! Wishing you the best. Katie

  2. mmmm. Being totally honest? I would have eaten it slowly and enjoyed every bite! I have no willpower for my favorite things…cupcakes, jelly beans, so I have to totally avoid them.

    • I totally understand! Sometimes we just have to enjoy the cupcake. It’s the simple things in life that give us joy. Thanks for your comment, and your honesty. Wishing you the best. Katie

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