Your City’s Fitness Personality.

I’ve asked my brother Jordan to guest write this morning about a particular area of healthy living he is really into…being ACTIVELY involved in our community. Jordan is involved in all kinds of community teams that help keep him both trim and social. From tennis to baseball, church league softball to volleyball, and coaching flag football and basketball, he dabbles in everything this city offers. Here’s what Jordan has to say.

Jordan playing in a Lexington baseball league.

Every city has a fitness personality.

In the cosmopolitan blugrass city I live in, that personality seems to be volleyball. (when it’s not derby season of course!) Every day of the week somewhere in town there is a volleyball game going on. It’s one of the many ways that I choose to keep on shape, and there’s a few reasons why:
  • Duh, it’s active! Volleyball is one of those amazing sports that scales with you. For those who don’t have natural ability, it can wear you out. For those who know the skills and drills, it should wear you out! Unlike my nemesis, golf, volleyball gets harder as you get better!
  • Leagues and teams are inherently social. Not only does it require a great team-dynamic, but it’s generally set up that you must interact with the other team at some point! And because of the variations in skill level, even many churches offer recreational leagues that anyone can come and enjoy.
  • Finally, it’s generally not an aggressive sport. Oh it gets heated alright, but unlike bench-clearing basebrawls, or upending football collisions, volleyball is more about bringing your best strategy, positioning, and sending the ball over to see what they can do with it. It’s common to congratulate the other team for well-placed hits.

Volleyball leagues are popular in Lexington. Jordan has played on church and Y leagues.

Sure, there are many different ways to be active. You can do anything from run a 5k with thousands of other people to shooting basketball by yourself. My sister can tell you that I’m not the most health-conscious eater (though I’m trying better to limit my gallon-a-day ice cream habit!), but I excel at the other side of the equation… burning the calories off. The keys I’ve found most helpful are to choose things you love to do, choose to do them with other people who in turn become good friends, and to choose something that you actually desire to improve at.

So what’s your city’s fitness personality? Perhaps it’s the outdoor skiing and adventurism of Aspen, Colorado. Or maybe catching waves near Hilo, Hawaii. Even if it’s the love of curling that envelops Winnipeg, Manitoba think about ways you can take your fitness to the next level by challenging and improving with others that are around you!

Stay thirsty, friends!

One thought on “Your City’s Fitness Personality.

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