Overindulged? Analyze To Correct.

What’s on my menu this morning? Here’s what I cooked up in the kitchen this morning:

Cooking Omelet

Just look at those tasty Roma tomatoes. Yum!

And voila! I’m sure you guessed that I’m having a 3 Egg White Omelet with Tuna, Roma Tomatoes, Vidalia Onions, Spinach, Crushed Red Pepper and Basil. It’s an easy, delicious and nutritious breakfast. It begins my day with 20.7 grams of protein for energy. I also am drinking French Vanilla coffee which I’ve finished off this morning. I need to find a new flavor to try.

This coffee mug says "Life is good." It is, don't you agree?

Yesterday’s meeting at Keeneland was wonderful. The weather was gorgeous at the race course, unlike this morning’s rain, and the meeting itself was very informative and engaging. It was also very delicious…too delicious.

Keenelands’ catered lunch was exquisite, far beyond your typical chicken in some type of creamy sauce as seen at most luncheons. I enjoyed it probably too much. The buffet table was filled with the following:

  • salad made of field greens, grape tomatoes, shredded carrots and cucumber;
  • roasted vegetables;
  • fresh fruit: strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes;
  • penne pasta salad of some sort;
  • slow roasted beef in a Cabernet sauce;
  • slow roasted turkey with stuffing and gravy;
  • ciabatta rolls; and
  • Keeneland’s famous Bread Pudding & Makers Mark Bourbon Sauce

I didn’t sample everything, but I did have one epic meal. My plate consisted of half a plate of salad with NO dressing,  a couple servings of fruit, lots of roasted vegetables (I actually went up for seconds on the roasted carrots), one slice of turkey without the stuffing or gravy (I pulled a piece off the top) and finished with a medium sized serving of bread pudding.

I wasn’t planning on the dessert, (isn’t that what we always say to make excuses for our bad decisions?) but I really wanted to enjoy a piece. I usually am pretty great about controlling those temptations, but I just decided I’d enjoy my meal and make up for it later.

Comparing what I ate to everyone else in the buffet, I thought I did a decent job, though it was certainly not my healthiest meal.  When I recorded every morsel of the meal on Lose It, I realized quickly that I’m going to have to play damage control this weekend and pay really close attention to mindful eating. For the sake of transparency, this single meal calculated to be about 2/3 of my daily caloric needs. After lunch, I was over my calorie intake for the day and I knew I’d be hungry when dinner rolled around later.

Analysis of Yesterday’s Lunch – Positive and Negative Choices

Negative Decisions:
1.) I went for seconds
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the roasted vegetables and went for seconds because they tasted really, really amazing. First of all, my hunger was satisfied with only one serving. No real need for a second scoop. Roasted vegetables aren’t as healthy as steamed vegetables. Because I didn’t prepare them at home, I can’t accurately account for how much olive oil or salt was in my portion.

2.) I had a medium slice of bread pudding

  • Please note that I’m not suggesting that eating the dessert was wrong, but I’m acknowledging that I could have had a smaller slice of bread pudding. I’ve always been told that the best dessert size is one that’s 3 bites. One bite to initiate the “feel good” taste buds on your tongue, another bite to mindfully focus on the texture, the flavor, and the sweetness of the dessert, and a final bite to tell yourself that it was just enough…that limiting yourself to 3 bites was a real treat to yourself. Any more than that and you’re no longer mindfully eating.

Positive Decisions:

1.) I avoided empty calories and used my calories on what I wanted and what I thought was worth it:

  • If I would have had the salad with dressing, I could have added 100-200 calories which would have been simply for flavor and no substance. That’s why I generally skip salad dressings at restaurants, at home, at banquets, etc.
  •  If I would have taken a portion of turkey as it was prepared with stuffing and gravy, I could have added another 100-200 calories.
  • If I would have had a piece of bread, again  I could have had another 100-200 calories.
  • I didn’t sample everything. I didn’t go for pasta or beef. Another 100-200 calories saved.
A total of 400-800 “empty calories” saved

2.) I enjoyed something I rarely eat: Bread Pudding. Even though I could have had a smaller piece (read #2 in the “Negative Decisions” section above.) I strive to eat healthfully, and in so doing,  I allowed myself to have a treat with the constant acknowledgement and commitment that I will not let this become habit. I will savor desserts as treats, meaning I’ll savor them for specials times. Today was a special time.

Analyzing my meal and recording my daily calories allows to me consciously accept the decisions I made. It helps me know how to make healthier choices in future situations. And finally, it helps me know how to navigate the next few days to recover from this meal where I overindulged.

Though I recognize I could have made better decisions at the buffet, I’m not totally beating myself up over this meal that attributed to my going over my daily calorie intake by a few hundred calories. I took action last night and planned out my meals for this weekend. I’ll end up saving a couple hundred calories today and tomorrow to make up for yesterday’s overindulgence. When Monday comes around, I’ll be back on track.

Wishing you the best. katie


What do you do when you overindulge? 

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