Kickin’ Kitchen Tools.

When I arrived home last night after a fun “Zumba After Work” group class, I found that my new kitchen and bathroom floors were both installed and completed. I hadn’t heard from the installers all day, so I assumed that they forgot or postponed their work.  What a pleasant surprise to have work finished on time! But I discovered this morning that when I went to make my omelet, my stovetop oven wasn’t working. I’m thinking that the workers for got to plug it in. So, I busted out my handy dandy Oster electric griddle and didn’t miss a beat.

Veggie and Kale Omelet

After admiring my new glimmering floors, I quickly realized that while the installers’ handiwork is much appreciated, they left my apartment in a mess. This mess inspired me to thoroughly clean both the kitchen and bathroom.

While cleaning and organizing my kitchen, I was putting away some of my most favorite kitchen tools and thought I’d compile a list to share with you. Most of these items are your basic kitchen tools, but they are what I use and gravitate toward each day of my cooking life.

A few of my “kickin’ kitchen” tools include:

Creates the perfect strawberry slices

  1. Strawberry SlicerMake fun of me all you want, but this really makes a difference. I laughed when my mom gave it to me, thinking my paring knife was just fine for the job and that this little thing was quite the gimmick. But, seriously folks, this works slicing magic in a fraction of the time I used to spend on strawberries. I can put strawberries in salads, oatmeal, greek yogurt in a jiffy. Plus it cuts evenly for pretty food presentation.

    Using my scale to measure out my tuna for extra protein for My Morning Omelet

  2. Kitchen ScaleThis has been my most effective tool for weight loss and healthy cooking. I thought my eyeballing skills were nearly spot on. But what an eye opener this scale was. There isn’t a day of cooking that goes by that I’m not measuring and weighing. It’s fast, easy to use, and keeps YOU in control of your portions. This scale is very easy to use.

  3. Blender.You all know how much I love protein smoothies. I wouldn’t know what to do with my inexpensive little blender. I had no idea I’d use it so much when I bought it about a year ago. I should probably upgrade to a glass jar, but my plastic jar Oster one works perfectly fine for now. It gets the job done and I’m not complaining.

    Have I told you that I love Roma tomatoes? So delicious! And tomatoes are a great source of lycopene.

  4. Paring Knife. I use these babies for almost all of my slicing. From veggies to fruits, paring knives get the job done. While a full set knives is a wonderful addition to any kitchen, paring knives are what I tend to pull from the drawer for a quick job. When I reach for my nice chef’s knife, it always seems to be in the dishwasher. I own about 10 paring knives, which you can buy at the Dollar Tree. So I’m sure to have these on hand. You can never have too many of these.

    Yes, I consider this magnet a tool...

  5. Measuring Magnet. I use this measuring magnet when I’m using my kitchen scale. It’s right on my fridge and I can easily reference it when I portion my ingredients. I wish I could recall exactly where I got this, but I think it was a freebie in a goody bag I was given from Whole Foods.

Aren’t those simply 5 random tools? But, I use these nearly everyday, each of which aid in my ability to make and enjoy healthy meals at home. Now I’m off to place a work order in to get my oven fixed and enjoy this delicious veggie and kale omelet:

Veggie and Kale Omelet with French Vanilla Coffee

Wishing you all the best. katie


What are some of your “kickin’ kitchen” tools? I’d love to hear about new items I should consider using…like a strawberry slicer.

(I’d love to hear from you! To comment click on the comment/dialogue box at the top of this post. Or visit my Contact Me page. You’ll find information  on following me on Twitter, Pinterest and more.) 


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