Reflection, Preparation & Monday Love.

How was your weekend? Mine was amazing. The highlight was going to a Sara Bareilles concert. Love her songs and she’s definitely a great performer.

I may be the odd one out (but I’m used to it) but I love Mondays. Don’t get me wrong, weekends are fantastic. Many people moan and groan about having to be at work on Mondays, usually because they’ve over done it on Saturday and Sunday. They didn’t take time to rest and they need an extra day to get back into things. What I love about Monday’s is the idea that you’re able to start anew, refreshed and in control of your healthy life. While the “American” calendar suggests that Sunday is the first day of the week, I view Monday as Day 1. To me, Sunday exists to link Saturday to Monday.

Sunday is my reflection and preparation day. I spend much of the day contemplating the choices I made the previous week. I also ponder how I can improve myself, my life and my choices for the week ahead. I use Sunday as a time to prepare my meals for the work week to ensure I am stocked with healthy choices. I also do my household chores on Sunday very systematically. Believe it or not, I enjoy “chores”. Stripping sheets off of my bed, replacing them with fresh sheets is very therapeutic. Having everything in place and in order gives me a feeling of accomplishment and provides an environment that results in me making healthy choices. When things get really out of order, stress is produced and your thought process is hindered. That’s when healthy choices slowly (or quickly) give way to whatever’s quick and convenient.

When Monday’s roll around, I’m ready for my week. I’m ready to tackle whatever comes my way. I know we can’t plan for every obstacle, but we can create an environment conducive to healthy living.


How do you spend your weekends? 


3 thoughts on “Reflection, Preparation & Monday Love.

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