Weekend Pack Warrior

I wish I lived up to that title. But first, let me show you what I’m eating for breakfast:

What? No Morning Omelet, you ask? Since I’m visiting friends, I’m finding my protein intake in a different wat this morning. I’m a huge fan of greek yogurt and I am thankful that my friends always have this on hand for me. Speaking of greek yogurt, do you have a favorite brand? I can’t decide between Fage or Chobani just yet. I use Fage in my smoothies at home but tend to eat Chobani when I’m away. Strange, I know.

The place I’m staying at has one of those really cool Keurig machines, so I’m enjoying a nice hot cup of Cinnamon Roll Coffee. No add-in’s necessary as both the flavor and aroma are amazing enough. While as a guest I enjoy the  ease Keurig machine, the jury’s still out for me if I’d actually enjoy one on my day to day life. There’s just something magical about measuring out and grinding your own beans. But as a guest in a home with someone who own’s a Keurig, I appreciate the ease of being able to get up and make one cup of coffee without having to wait and see if someone else in the house would enjoy a cup, too, and without adding a mess. There are pros and cons to everything!

Anyway, back to what this post is about, a.k.a. “being a weekend pack warrior”. I mentioned in yesterday’s post “” that I travel frequently on the weekends, more this past year than ever before. Still with all of that traveling, I have yet to come close to perfecting my way of packing for trips. But I’m slowly inching my way toward being a mediocre travel packer.

I never want to pack too much because I don’t want to have to carry too much in from the car. I’m a one trip to unload kind of girl. (That carries over to my grocery shopping, too. I HATE making more than one trip so I pile on all of the bags to make it in one trip.)  I always want to be prepared for anything, from the possibility of swimming to the being prepared for a blizzard, to bringing play clothes in case I get dirty, and I always have a Little Black Dress with me. If clothes aren’t crazy enough, hair stuff takes up so much room! I never know if I’ll want to curl my hair one day and straighten it the next. I have long hair so I have to take my hair dryer. It’s simply hard to pack lightly.

Though it’s taking time, I’m slowly gaining some insight on how to pare down and pack more efficient. Here are my tips:

  • For outfits, stick to a simple, neutral color palate. I generally stick to black and white and play up color through my scarves and accessories.
  • Begin packing at least the day before you leave. I lay out my clothes the day before and then pare it down the morning that I leave. This way,  when I go to put it in my luggage I’ve thought through what I’d like to wear and when, and I’ll think to myself “Do I really need this”?
  • Never forget that if you’re travelling and you leave something behind, you’re most likely able to pick up that same thing in another city. Don’t sweat it.
  • Always keep a travel bag stocked and ready to drop in your luggage. It’s simple when you don’t have to unpack shower and bath items.  This saves you time.

Questions of the day:

  1. How do you prep for weekend or other travel? Are you a weekend pack warrior? Perhaps you can teach me a thing or two!
  2. Out of curiosity, which do you prefer: Keurig machine or traditional coffee makers?

Wishing you all the best. katie


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