Healthy Habits While Away from Home.

My breakfast this morning consisted of my typical 3 Egg White Omelet and caramel nut truffle coffee. I wasn’t kidding when I said I eat an omelet almost every single day. Some people wonder why I bother getting up and cooking rather than sleeping in. I find that cooking wakes me up and gets me going. Plus, it ensures that I begin the day with a healthy choice.

Within the past year I’ve turned into a planner. I’m really into routines and systems. I like to know what to expect or what’s coming up…though I do love to leave a little room in for spontaneity. I guess I just like to have an idea of what’s coming up next in my day, though I’m never bothered when plans do change at the last-minute. I just like to prepare. I think it’s because being on a routine helps keep me in control of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

This newer “plan ahead” version of me began when I started traveling more . Having a routine lifestyle when I return from trips keeps my life balanced. I’m extremely focused when I’m home because that’s an environment I can control. When I’m on the road, I’m open to trying new things and being spontaneous. When traveling, new experiences dd variety to my diet as I’m pretty low-key at home when it comes to eating. I stick to the same types of meals. Also, being on the road lets me be creative on my workouts rather than sticking with my normal circuits at my gym.

As I prepare to travel the first thing on my “pack” list is always workout clothes and tennis shoes. I love exploring new places. I generally do a lot of power walking on trips, taking in sights and sounds around me. When I’m home, I’m not much into walking because I see the same things every single day. It’s hard to find the beauty in the environment in which you’re always in, though I certainly try. That’s why the change of scenery on my out-of-town walks really gets me focused on life, where I can pause and embrace the moments of here and now.

Beach Chairs

Destin at Dawn

I was recently in Destin, Florida for vacation. I’d never been and boy, was I in for a real treat. I don’t live near a beach, so every morning of vacation I got up earlier than anyone in the house and walked the beach. (Wow, the sand is kills your calves! Honestly, I got in great leg workouts those mornings, simply by walking barefoot on the beach.) One morning as I walked the beach, I realized I was too focused on moving forward and not focused on taking in the beauty around me. So a paused and looked toward the ocean. And the moment I paused, I saw a dolphin in the not too far distance jumping in the water. This may be a familiar sight to you, but for me this was such a gift. And it made me realize  how we need to embrace the moments around us.

Dolphin Sighting

Where I paused and saw the dolphin. I was more excited than a kid in a candy store.

Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “Never miss an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” Perhaps that’s why I’m a huge fan of walks when I travel.

Walking is not the only thing I do when traveling or on vacation. Depending on my destination,  I will sometimes bring an extra set of dumbbells in the car to do some strength toning or I’ll bring exercise DVDs like Insanity or P90X.

As for eating while away…I do allow myself to try new things and, let’s be honest, it’s hard to be in complete control of your food intake when someone else is buying the groceries. I always want to promote a healthy lifestyle so I’ll make sure my portions are in check, I’ll watch out for heavy carb intake like skipping rolls at restaurants. I also play a game with myself to try to order the healthiest option on a menu. Or, if I’m at someone’s house, I discretely choose options that are closest to whole or natural foods as possible like loading up on salads or steamed veggies, skipping dressings that I don’t know what’s in them. Again, I do this very discreetly as not to offend the host.

Some tips for healthy habits away from home:

  • When you are at home, stick to routines, especially if you travel often. This way, you’ll be in control when you’re home. Look for healthy varieties pertaining to workouts or eating when you’re on the road.
  • Always pack workout clothes first. This way, you’re making fitness a priority.
  • If you’re driving long distances, pack healthy snacks before hand. DON’T fall for the convenience store options. The chocolate gooey sweet stuff will get you every time.
  • If you’re traveling to see friends and family, make sure they know your healthy lifestyle is a priority. They will try to help you with your options if they know food choices are important. There is a gentle way to approach this. For me, people observe that I choose a healthier options and I’ve never had to request special “diet” foods. Usually greek yogurt is available for breakfast or veggie options are sides for lunch and dinner. for me They know that’s what I gravitate toward.
  • Continue logging your food intake. I use the mobile app Lose It! to record everything. I sometimes take a photo of the food I eat so I can remember what was on my plate and then log it when I have some down town.

These are few things I find that I do when I’m traveling. Walk, play the “what’s my healthiest option game” and take in beautiful moments.

Wishing you all the best. katie


What do you do to maintain healthy lifestyles while traveling or on vacation? I’d LOVE to hear your tips and tricks.


3 thoughts on “Healthy Habits While Away from Home.

  1. Really love the vibe of this post – and reading it reminded me about my own love for getting up early, and going on walking explorations. I don’t travel much, but I do live in San Diego where a “staycation” is actually pretty enticing. No tips and trips from me.. yet…. but thank you for yours!

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