Strength Toning and Salsa Jars.

In the past six months or so, I’ve shaken up my health routine, from fitness to nutrition to a healthy home life. Each of these I’ll tap into in further detail down the road, but I wanted to give you a taste of what I usually do. Monday, my workout was a pretty typical “Katie” workout. I used half an hour of my lunch to get my strength toning in and did Zumba for 45 minutes after work.

On Strength Training: When I first incorporated the use of free weights at the gym, I had no idea where to begin so I researched a total body workout. This is the exact workout I found and I still am doing some of this to this day, working my way to heavier weights. I remember day one doing this and I couldn’t get through the full routine three times. I stopped after two because I ran out of time. Now, I bust through this in no time even with heavier weights and incorporate new sets to this routine. I do recommend this total body workout if you’re just crossing over from the treadmill to weights. It’s definitely working for me.

After the strength toning and cardio workouts, I must admit I was craving one thing: THE Green Monster Smoothie AGAIN. It’s just THAT good. It provides both a great boost of protein and energy. Try it. Visit my recipe page for details on making the perfect smoothie.

 Just look at it, pure deliciousness in a cup, or in my case an old salsa jar. Yes, I’m classy. I drink out of recycled salsa jars. The idea came to me one day when a couple of thoughts merged together: 1.) I love salsa and buy jars all the time. 2.) I hate throwing away a perfectly good jar, so I wondered what I could do with them. 3.) I’m hard on dishes and wanted to keep my “good” and “nice” glasses for when company visits. So, after breaking a few  “good” glasses, I decided to put these jars to use. Pretty clever and resourceful, right? Here’s how I decide when to use my salsa jars versus my “good” glass:

Ciao for now!

  • Do you have a typical workout routine?
  • Do you prefer strength toning or cardio? What works best for you to meet your fitness goals? 

Please feel free to comment below.


7 thoughts on “Strength Toning and Salsa Jars.

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I’m gonna try and get the ingredients for the Green Monster smoothie 🙂

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