Making My Dream My Reality.

Today, I’m making a dream a reality. I’m starting my blog. I must admit, I’ve started this a thousand times before, but I’ve never felt right about it. So I quickly gave up and had the “I’m-just-not-good-enough” attitude toward this whole thing. I follow a lot of blogs, from fitness to nutrition, fashion and decor. I wanted to emulate the success of those blogs that love.

A couple weeks ago I realized something I should have realized a long time ago when I first wanted to tackle this. Those blogs I follow daily…each of them had to start somewhere. Each had their first post. Each of them had to ease into their success. They had to gain follower’s trust. That didn’t just happen overnight. Around the same time I realized this, I heard a quote that I’ve mulled over and over in my mind. “If you wait for the perfect conditions to start something, you’ll be waiting forever.” I don’t want to become that person who waits and watches others pursue their dreams. I’ve done that for too long.

So on this Easter Sunday 2012, I begin my journey of sharing life with whoever will listen. I hope that you can learn life right alongside of me.

Wish and Whimsy is about my life…I’m a dreamer trying to make those dreams my reality. I’ll probably be rambling on about fitness and nutrition, home and love life. I hope you’ll join along the ride. What are your dreams today? What are you doing to make them come true? Don’t wait for the perfect conditions. Start making those dreams a reality today!

Ciao for now.


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